I will not be Posting for a While

Hey guys! I'm sorry to announce that, due to other commitments, I will not be posting regularly for a few months. I have recently started Year/Grade 11, and I have less than four months to complete it, so you can imagine how busy my schedule is at the moment. I wish that I had more time, but until I have gotten more assignments done, I will only be posting on weekends. Please still feel free to ask for advice, as I will answer all your questions. Love yas all! God bless, Rapunzel

Make your Day a Prayer

Hey guys!! If I told you that you have to pray all day without stopping, what would you say? That's impossible? That's what I first said when someone told me that I have to pray all day. In Saint Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, we are told to "Pray without ceasing". That doesn't mean that you have to be kneeling down all the time and praying prayers like the rosary every minute of the day. That would be impossible. And unless you are really holy, it's not a good idea to try it. You'd probably have a heart attack from lack of food and water.  When Saint Paul said, "Pray without ceasing", he actually meant that we have to make our day a prayer. How do we do that? You need to consecrate your day. Offer it up to God. You can offer it up for any and many intentions you want. That way, your whole day is a big prayer for something or other.  You should consecrate your day as soon as you get up in the morning. Here is a simple morning offer

Give it All to Him

I had a bad day yesterday. Things at home were tense, and all the responsibilities I have and deadlines I have to meet didn't help the situation. I must confess, I got a bit downhearted.  We all have days like that. Sometimes, even our whole life seems like that. It feels like we have more on our shoulders than we can carry. Even on the "normal" days, all our worries weigh us down, and we don't know how much longer we'll be able to go on carrying these burdens.  Well, I've found a remedy. Yesterday, I sat down for a short time to pray about what was happening, and I remembered a passage in the gospel of Mattew: "Come to me, all you who are weary and overburdened, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  Just read that passage again. Slowly. When I thought of that passage, I realised that Jesus was tel

Music List #1 - Christian Solo Artists

Hey guys!! I said that I'd put together some lists of decent artists and bands, and here's the first one! This is a list of Christian solo artists! Becuase the list is pretty long, I'll be adding one or two artists every so often, so come back frequently and check for updates! The list is in no particular order. If you have any suggestion for Christian solo artists to add to this list, please comment below! Blanca Until 2013, Blanca Elaine Callahan was part of the Christian hip-hop band Group 1 Crew. She released her first single (Who I Am) in 2014, and it charted No. 1 on Billboard Chart Christian Airplay.  She is a talented singer and the genres she sings include Contemporary Christian, Electropop, hip-hop, and Electronic Dance. You can visit her official website here: Blanca Blanca - Not Backing Down (Official Music Video) - YouTube TobyMac 52-year-old Toby McKeehan has released a lot of albums and charted 20 solo singles on Billboard's Christian Son

Want a Personal Relationship with Jesus?

Before I was a teenager, I would attend Mass, go to confession, say grace before meals, and pray the rosary with my family.  I didn't pray with much fervour, but  because my parents told me to, I didn't really have a problem with it. It was enough that it was just a normal part of my life.  However, when I was about thirteen, I started to realise that there was more to being a Catholic than just going to Mass and trying not to sin. When I went on a one-day-retreat with some missionaries, I began to understand something about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Those people (the missionaries) seemed so peaceful and so in love with Jesus that I began to wonder what they had. They were pretty normal people with ordinary backgrounds, but there was something different about them. They were so happy - and they loved to pray! They absolutely loved the Mass. I didn't exactly love Mass back then, being only little. But I wanted to love Mass, to love God like they did. And t

Music of Today - We Have to be Careful

Hey guys!! So, last night I was listening to music as I was going to sleep, and that made me think about how music is such a big part of our culture today. Sure, music was a big part of the culture two hundred years ago, but seriously, that music was ballads and classical stuff. Very different from the stuff that is popular today. If people from two hundred years ago listened to the popular music of today, they would be horrified. The lyrics of some songs are so crude and explicit, whilst other songs are more subtle. But all the same, it is very easy to listen to songs and sing along to them without noticing what they're really saying. You might not even listen to them intentionally - they're everywhere! On the radio, in supermarkets, clothes can't avoid them. But you can avoid buying them for yourself and listening to them intentionally. But is there clean and enjoyable music out there that you can buy? There sure is. When you buy music, you can do two thi

Advice Column 1

Hey guys! This is the advice column, so this is the place where you can ask questions. Please ask as many as you want! No question will go unanswered. There are no such things as dumb questions, only dumb answers. I hope none of my answers will be dumb though. Love you all!  God bless, Rapunzel