Want a Personal Relationship with Jesus?

Before I was a teenager, I would attend Mass, go to confession, say grace before meals, and pray the rosary with my family. I didn't pray with much fervour, but because my parents told me to, I didn't really have a problem with it. It was enough that it was just a normal part of my life. 

However, when I was about thirteen, I started to realise that there was more to being a Catholic than just going to Mass and trying not to sin. When I went on a one-day-retreat with some missionaries, I began to understand something about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Those people (the missionaries) seemed so peaceful and so in love with Jesus that I began to wonder what they had. They were pretty normal people with ordinary backgrounds, but there was something different about them. They were so happy - and they loved to pray! They absolutely loved the Mass. I didn't exactly love Mass back then, being only little. But I wanted to love Mass, to love God like they did. And then they told me their secret.

Those people found their joy and peace through having a personal relationship with Jesus. They really loved him as their best friend. They treated him as a real person to whom you can really talk. To them, he wasn't just some God who's out to punish you and who only might be listening. They understood who Jesus really is: a loving person who wants us to open up to him and talk to him about everything.

Those people also told how to get a relationship with Jesus. You don't have to be a saint to know Jesus more personally. Here are some easy steps you can take to build a personal relationship with Jesus:
1. Tell Jesus that you want a personal relationship with him.
2. Ask Mary his mother to help you to build a personal relationship with her son.
3. Set aside 5 - 10 minutes each day for personal prayer ( I will talk more about effective methods of personal prayer and what to do during and before private prayer in another post)
4. When you pray, talk to Jesus like you would talk to your best friend. Tell him everything that is worrying you.
5. Don't give up. It might seem to be a little hard at first, and you might feel that you're not getting anywhere. But don't worry. With time and patience, you'll have a beautiful relationship with your saviour that you wouldn't want to trade for anything.

Lots and lots of love to yas all!
God bless,


  1. You would make an amazing Catholic Speaker for teens, and this is a message that every single one of us, male and female, need to hear. Thank you for sharing with everyone!

  2. Dear Rapunzel,

    Thanks for sharing this! It's a really big help, I constantly try to get that relationship with God, it seem's so hard sometimes!
    It's a great help to know others struggle, and it's not just me!

    God Bless!

    1. Dear Gabby, I'm so glad I could help!! Don't ever give up trying to get that relationship with Jesus! It is so worth it.

      God bless!


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