Music of Today - We Have to be Careful

Hey guys!! So, last night I was listening to music as I was going to sleep, and that made me think about how music is such a big part of our culture today. Sure, music was a big part of the culture two hundred years ago, but seriously, that music was ballads and classical stuff. Very different from the stuff that is popular today.

If people from two hundred years ago listened to the popular music of today, they would be horrified. The lyrics of some songs are so crude and explicit, whilst other songs are more subtle. But all the same, it is very easy to listen to songs and sing along to them without noticing what they're really saying. You might not even listen to them intentionally - they're everywhere! On the radio, in supermarkets, clothes can't avoid them. But you can avoid buying them for yourself and listening to them intentionally. But is there clean and enjoyable music out there that you can buy? There sure is.

When you buy music, you can do two things. You can either buy from an artist or band that is straight-out Christian, or you can buy from a singer or band that is not Christian.

Usually, music from Christians doesn't have any big issues. This doesn't have to be only Gospel music. There are quite a few awesome Christian bands and artists that sing other genres such as pop, rock, and hip-hop.

When you buy music that is not by a Christian, you have to be careful. You have to listen to the lyrics carefully (reading them is a good idea). If there is anything in the lyrics that is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church, then you shouldn't buy that music. 

Over time, I'm going to post lists of decent Christian and non-Christian bands and artists of many different genres. The music from every singer and band on the lists will be clean, and you won't need to check it for indecency, 'cuase I'll have done that for yas!

Lots and lots of love to ya all!
God bless,


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